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MrCOIN LTD company is interested in mutual beneficial cooperation with investors. That is why we give much attention to promotion of our investment platform, giving a pride place in this affair to our partners. In order to attract the maximum number of participants, we have developed a partnership program, the terms of which allow you to attract new users of the project and to receive income from their activity. You can use this offer as an opportunity to earn income without investment. In aid of our partners we placed advertising materials on the project site; also find a partner link in your personal account.


For the deposits of each involved partner from the first line of the structure you will receive 10% as a bonus.

You can solicit partners with the help of different thematic forums, pages and communities in social networks or your personal resources. Besides that you can recommend the project to your friends and acquaintances – just tell them the way you earn your passive income from investments and share your partnership link. However do not forget that MrCOIN LTD does not support spamming and other actions that can cause some inconveniences to the potential partners of the project.

We do not prevent your right to pay your partners any inducements (e.g. refback) that will allow them to show their investment activity and join successful investors of the MrCOIN LTD platform.

Hope you will appreciate advantages of the partnership program from our project and will enlarge your income. Herewith we remind you that inviting new participants is not an obligatory condition of cooperation with MrCOIN LTD – it is just one more way to earn more income, which the innovative company can offer you.